Our Mission

Changing lives through collective action.

Access to Technology

To remove social stigma that is prevalent in a society by giving them uninhibited access to technology and other resources, regardless of their socioeconomic background or state of institutional infrastructure.

Communal Growth

To build a model that provides a framework for independently-driven networks of individuals or institutions which collectively work towards a common goal.

Resource Allocation

To provide relevant resources for building contextualized learning environments that facilitate quality-oriented, holistic education for skills and competencies on-demand.

Aid Knowledge Transfer

To facilitate the growth of enlightened individuals who can transfer their learning onto others and also attain skills that will enable them to achieve further efficiency in self-paced learning.


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 Our Drive

Our Drive

The mainstream education of Bangladesh is the largest educational system in the world. Even though the education system is undergoing rapid change in the current years, it is still faced with a lot of deadlocks due to lack of resources and awareness. Government primary schools have a high teacher to student ratio, e.g. there are schools that have 8 teachers for every 1700+ students. This makes the teaching-learning process quite difficult to manage efficiently and in consequence, rote-learning becomes the primal tool to succeed in any exam. The ideal methodology of Interactive forms of teaching-learning (e.g. use of multimedia, teaching aids, use of ICT, group-assigned work) is shunned and are rarely seen being used. Generally, students are not properly guided towards their true potential due to lack of the best practices of teaching in classrooms and due to the limited resources prevalent in classrooms that hinder retention of the required competencies as stated in the National Education Policy 2010. Furthermore, it is, in fact, a dismal fact that dropout rates in Dhaka district alone, as published, are 17.5% and 13.5% for boys and girls respectively (DPE, 2015). The reasons behind this are multi-varied and simply requires a call for action, especially through collective action and education-technology.

Our Team

A team of dreamers, aiming to change how we approach learning.
Yameen Ahmad
Yameen Ahmad
Tahmid Hussain
Tahmid Hussain
Syed Naimul Hossain
Syed Naimul Hossain

We believe that a community's growth is driven by collective action.


  • Hour of Code 2017

    On the 6th of December, 2017, students of Rayerbazar Government Primary school joined tens of millions kids from over 180 countries around the world by participating in the global ‘Hour of Code’ jointly organized by FreeTheMind and PreneurLab.   During the hour, students learned basic coding concepts in hands-on lessons using multimedia and laptops. In […]

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    International Girls in ICT Day

    The workshop on the International Girls in ICT Day, held on April 26th, 2017, was very much interactive and a process-driven one. The leaders from our partner organizations along with us helped to increase the hunger for learning which will help the school girls in the long run. At the end it has proved to […]

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  • A visit to our Innovation Lab

    A visit to our Innovation Lab by Arif Nezami (Preneur Lab, CEO) and the representatives of Kazi IT and Sheri Jenkinson (Founder, Women Advancing Technology Together- International).    

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    Hour of Code

    Free Their Minds in partnership with Preneur Lab, Plan International Bangladesh and CodersTrust hosted Hour of Code, a global movement started by Code.org, to encourage school students to learn about basic computer science. The event particularly took place in Government Schools to provide students, with the basic idea of coding. Moreover, all the students took their first ever attempt, to code with the […]

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