Building Bridges

Mentorship Program:

‘Bridging University Clubs as Youth Leaders to Underserved Students in Under-Resourced Schools’  

FTM Building Bridges works towards promoting and establishing subject-focused club-culture and student leadership in Schools in order to enhance the learning experience and the skill development in the primary and secondary school framework in Dhaka, Bangladesh. ‘Building Bridges’ primarily facilitates ICT-led education, basic ICT literacy, performing arts, visual arts, and physical education.

‘Building Bridges’ creates a platform for University students to engage with Primary and Secondary students as mentors and create various projects that are designed to expose and scaffold and nurture students’ knowledge & skills in subjects that generally lack focus in the primary & secondary school framework due to lack of resources and teachers. University Student Mentors guide students throughout the duration of the project or until objectives are met.

School Programs and Activities with Students

FTM facilitate activities and programs like talent shows, sports, field visits etc. that are focused towards exposing students to different experiences that help them have a better understanding of the world and nurture skills and talents.


Clubs in different schools under the FTM-network are going to participate in an inter-partner school competition against other schools. This would be an annual/biannual event where FreeTheMind is going to invite key officials from different institutions and organization for creating further support or generating new opportunities for students. The end goal here is to empower students by giving them a platform to showcase their potential to the world.

Objectives of Building Bridges

With the advent of  ‘Building Bridges’ program, students will be able to-

  • Set Goals for themselves and create objectives to attain them.
  • Be more tenacious and diligent towards attaining and completing their goals & objectives
  • Build a sense of teamwork while working in the club structure framework
  • Be more responsible
  • Be more informed about the world and build a sense of global citizenship
  • Lead others towards a common goal