Explore Series


Explore Series takes an exploratory and experiential approach towards teaching and learning in and outside the classroom. Formally, in classrooms, it is designed to take a new approach towards ‘Introduction to New Material’ and ‘Guided Practice’ aspects of a lesson by integrating new elements such as ‘peer-assisted’ learning through the leadership of students as teachers. Explore Series aims to enhance the national curriculum of Bangladesh as well as touch other educational topics, using a range of computer-aided enhancements such as Virtual Reality to give students the liberty to experience and learn in their own unique pattern. Click here to visit the YouTube Channel of FTM TEACH IT Explore Series.


Currently, FreeTheMind (FTM) is building and curating content to launch Explore Series focusing on enhancing national curriculum (NCTB) of Bangladesh. In 2017, Explore Series was accepted in UNESCO MGIEP TECH Conference 2017 in Visakhapatnam, India where we presented our idea in front of teachers, educators, learners, technology and gaming experts from more than 75 countries.