ICT Initiative


ICT Initiative: Basic ICT Literacy

The program is centered on the vision of creating a society where each working individual is equipped with basic ICT literacy skills to reduce the ‘Digital Divide’ that is prevalent in the society. The aim of this program is to equip students to be the ‘driver of their own learning’ and therefore maneuver his/her own pathways to learn, experiences and gain knowledge and become a connected global citizen. The program utilizes the FTM ICT Innovation Labs to teach Primary and secondary students and provide them access to basic ICT literacy, regardless of their socioeconomic background, to begin their journey and create their own roadmap to success.

FTM aims to use a four-way categorical approach in coaching students to attain four different sequential milestones in their cyber journey:


  1. Novice (limited experience)
  2. Intermediate (practical application)
  3. Advanced (applied theory)
  4. Expert (recognized authority)

The ICT Initiative is currently aiming to reach the ‘Novice’ milestone for primary school going children. To have the children accustomed to the necessary skills required for reaching the ‘Novice’ milestone, a child has to be able to fulfill the Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary levels of achievement in the FTM Framework for Basic ICT Literacy (Novice), as follows:



Levels of Achievement Broad Topic
Pre-Primary Introduction to Computer
Primary Using different software
Managing files and folders
Hardware and their use
Secondary Word Processing
Presentation Slide-making
Spreadsheet and data management
Tertiary Introduction to Internet
E-Mail management
Social Media Management
Other ICT Devices


Upon completion of the above levels of achievement, a child will become a certified ‘Novice’ in FTM ICT Literacy program, ready to move forward to reaching the next milestone: ‘Intermediate’ fulfilling the levels of achievement in its separate framework.